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Christina Caldwell

Christina Caldwell

President and CEO

Christina has been a part of the financial industry for over 20 years.  A graduate form University of Missouri-Columbia, she has worked for brokerage firms, with educators and for local banks providing them all with investments and insurance services.  To learn more about Christina, please  click on this link .  Christina's team is staffed by Cambridge Research Investments Inc., Gateway Financial Advisors, Inc. and herself.  RiverOak Wealth Management LLC, is positioned to be the frontline of the client's needs.  Through thorough understanding of our clients' needs, desires, and goals; Christina works with her team to find the right solutions to provide her clients with wealth preservation strategies, retirement income strategies, or as simple as wealth accumulation strategies.  Christina prides herself on educating her clientele so they understand the why and what each solution is doing for them.  Leaning on RiverOak will provide you with Meaning for your financial security that you desire.


Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.


Cambridge Investment Research, located in Fairfield, IA, is respectively known for their service and support for independent advisors. Cambridge provides Christina with the investment vehicles, the training, and the support for her to be fluent in the products that she offers. Cambridge is one of Christina's key team players. Cambridge business philosophy includes integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness. They understand the importance in helping their advisor find solutions for the advisor's clients, by not minimizing the product solutions but adding value by completing their due diligence on each product they do offer to their advisors. Cambridge takes the unique approach of getting to know their advisors and promotes their unique philosophy to their advisors.

Gateway Financial Advisors, Inc.

Insurance Provider

Gateway Financial Advisors, located in Albuquerque, NM, supports Christina with the tools, and solutions when needed to lay the foundation for a solid financial plan.  Insurance solutions can take the "what if's" out of the equation by insuring for those unknown times.  Gateway is another one of Christina's key team players.  They have the experience and expertise to provide her with the right insurance solutions for her clientele.  They work with various insurance products through a wide variety of insurance companies.  This allows Christina to keep the cost of insurance low while offering quality companies.  Gateway is known for their personal, one-on-one approach for working with their advisors with support and solutions.